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    Michael Lansky-Driver
    Dale Brand- Co-Drive/Navigator
    Shea Gaffney


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    Best in the Desert Racing Association

AVID Racing

Avid racing took our recently completed 2011 BRP Can Am Commander down to participate in the SCORE Baja 500… As you wind down out of the mountains coming from Tecate..the first thing you see besides the deep blue waters of the Pacific is this ICON…it really starts you realizing that you are really here…

But as when in Mexico..first things first…and that means think like a Mexican and assimilate into Baja..so the first stop in town on Wednesday afternoon (after checking into the Bahia and dropping off the Trailers) is to Hussongs Cantina to get our attitudes adjusted.

We spend the rest of the afternoon and evening getting the car ready for the very thorough SCORE tech inspection (every car must get approved before its first race with SCORE)..and double checking everything we brought. On Thursday morning we we registered with SCORE and got all the obligatory paperwork out of the way.

That afternoon we took the car to get teched..we were all a little nervous as if they find something serious..(and they are VERY picky) they may not allow us to race..but Dale had done his homework and outside of a few things they asked us to correct before the next race..we flew right though! That afternoon, Cory (who was to drive from RM 100-232)and his crew arrive to hotel and everybody got to the final prep of the car.. I cant thank Cory enough for all the help and insight allowing us to get the car ready like we did. Big thanks BRO! Thursday evening we all went out (I think there were 9 of us by then) and had a great dinner and went through our agenda for Friday..

Friday morning…

Cory and his good friend Billie took the car to Contingency early (something like 6am) to get us a good spot ( I heard like 6th in line)..even though we had already been teched and didn’t need to go through..it’s part of the tradition…and a great way to show off the car to thousands and thousands of rabid off road race fans….we did take our Helmets and suites which have to be inspected and approved so something was officially accomplished as well. If you have never experiences this in person, you missing something really special in off road racing.

its really a circus…the atmosphere is amazing.. you get a chance to see all the cars up close and personal…all the big dogs are there.

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